What is E-Learning / Blackboard

E-Learning is a web-based instruction package licensed by UMMC as the standard campus e-learning platform. Faculty and instructors can use it to easily make available course materials, documents, chat environments, discussion boards and quizzes online.



Due to weekly maintenance, Blackboard assessments will be unavailable every Friday 3:30 AM - 4:30 AM. You may still use the system during this time, but please do not take ANY assessments.  If assessments are taken during this time frame, you might experience a system interruption.




Blackboard Guides for 9.1 SP 10/11   Blackboard Guides for 9.1 SP 8

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Documentation   TurningPoint

Get SAP to setup course shell in Bb   TurningPoint 5 - Updated files for installation
How to Archive your Bb Course   Response Card Channel Setting
Panopto Lecture Capture Simulation   TurningPoint Instructor Guide
Upload Blackboard grades to SAP   TurningPoint Student Guide
    Using Blackboard 9.1 with TurningPoint 5

Respondus 4.0 and Lockdown Browser   Respondus StudyMate

Respondus 4.0 Application Install Executable   StudyMate Application Install Executable
Respondus 4.0 Guide   StudyMate Guide
Respondus 4.0 Instructions / Install Keys   StudyMateInstruction / Install Keys
Respondus Lockdown Browser Install    

Respondus Lockdown Browser Student Guide

Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructor Guide    


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